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TTC upgrading Main Street Station,
starting April 23

The TTC is upgrading the infrastructure at Main Street Station this spring and summer. During the project, contractors are:

  • replacing the roof;
  • rehabilitating sections of the bus roadway and platforms;
  • improving lighting;
  • relocating the walkway;
  • replacing the streetcar tracks; and
  • installing new overhead streetcar wiring.

Most of the work will take place while the TTC closes the bus and streetcar loop starting Sunday, May 13.

In the meantime, TTC crews and contractors are preparing for the project. Starting Monday, April 23, their preliminary work includes:

  • delivering roof material;
  • building scaffolding around the station;
  • setting up fencing and hoarding; and
  • removing roof layers.

Crews only work during daytime hours, except:

  • delivering material overnight throughout the project for passenger safety while the station is closed; and
  • building scaffolding — only overnight from 10 p.m. April 23 until 6 a.m. April 24, when crews install scaffolding at the main entrance when the station is closed and no passengers / pedestrians are in the area.

The TTC is not diverting transit services for this phase of the project. However, it is detouring buses during nearby Hydro One construction on Main Street. MainStreet Station improvements 1.jpgMain Street Station Improvements2.jpg