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Eglinton - Crosstown LRT -- Kennedy:
Buses serve temporary terminal, starting July 30

eglinton crosstown logo.pngMetrolinx contractors continue working to build the future Eglinton - Crosstown light rail transit line.

At Kennedy Station, the TTC is relocating bus stops to a temporary terminal in the main parking lot, starting Sunday, July 30, while construction proceeds. The temporary terminal is part of the “fare-paid” zone of the station, meaning you won’t need a paper transfer, have to pay a second fare or tap your PRESTO card when transferring between buses and trains.

The TTC is also adjusting the schedules for its buses to compensate for delays resulting from construction blocking the roadways into and out of the TTC bus terminal along these routes:

  • 12 Kingston Rd;
  • 20 Cliffside;
  • 21 Brimley;
  • 34 Eglinton East;
  • 43 Kennedy;
  • 57 Midland;
  • 86 Scarborough;
  • 113 Danforth;
  • 116 Morningside; and
  • 198 U of T Scarborough rocket.