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TTC grinding rails on Bathurst Street,
April 25 to 29

The TTC regularly grinds the rails on its streetcar track network as part of its program of maintaining the tracks in a state of good repair. Grinding improves sections of rail that have developed roughness, reduces noise and vibration, extends the life of the rail and allows streetcars to operate more smoothly through those areas.

From Tuesday, April 25 until Friday, April 29, a grinding crew is working on

  • Bathurst Street between Dupont Street and Lake Shore Boulevard West.

The slow moving rail-grinding unit starts operating at about 7 p.m. each night and continues overnight until about 7 a.m. the next morning.

The TTC contractors are grinding southbound tracks:

  • between Dupont and Herrick Streets;
  • between Harbord and Nassau Streets;
  • between Robinson Street and King Street West; and
  • between King Street West and Fleet Street.

They’re grinding northbound tracks:

  • between Lake Shore Boulevard West and Niagara Street;
  • between Wellington and Richmond Streets West; and
  • between Robinson Street and Barton Avenue.

A street sweeper cleans the track area each day after the grinding crews have finished working.

Toronto Police Service officers will be on-site each night to help direct traffic, if necessary.

The TTC is maintaining regular bus service along the 7 Bathurst, 307 Bathurst overnight and 511 Bathurst routes through the moving work zones.

Streetcars return to the 511 Bathurst route Sunday, May 7.