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TTC continues early work to replace track
on Lake Shore West, April 24

This year, the City of Toronto / TTC are completing several projects to improve the infrastructure for the west end of the 301 / 501 Queen streetcar route.

Early work on the project to replace the streetcar tracks on Lake Shore Boulevard West between Dwight Avenue and Humber Loop requires TTC crews to weld short sections of rail into longer strings. The crews recently finished some of this work on Lake Shore Boulevard West between Islington Avenue and Fourth Street. This early work allows crews to install the rails more quickly during the project. They cleared welding work zone Wednesday, April 19.

Monday, April 24 and Tuesday, April 25 between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., crews are moving the rail closer to the west limit of the track replacement project at Dwight Avenue. They’ll store the rail on the streetcar track allowance from just east of Third Street extending to 2765 Lake Shore Boulevard. They’ll continue to store the rail pile at this location and gradually deplete the pile as work progresses. They’ll completely clear the storage area by November 30.

They’ll secure the storage area with crowd control barricades and traffic barrels. One lane will be available for traffic in each direction. Through traffic can continue at Lake Shore West / Third Street, but motorists cannot turn left at the Lake Shore West / Second Street.

Crews start digging out the the track area on Lake Shore West between Dwight Avenue and Humber Loop Friday, May 20. They start installing the rail mid-June and finish by November 30.