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TTC repairing roof at High Park Station,
starting April 11

Update — Friday, *December 15, 4:20 p.m.: Construction has ended.

Update — Sunday, September 3, 6:58 a.m.: TTC crews work on the Parkview Gardens entrance / exit, starting Tuesday, September 5. Roof repairs continue until November 30.

The TTC is repairing the roof at High Park Station. During this project, the station remains open and the TTC is maintaining regular service along the 2 Bloor - Danforth subway line and the 30 Lambton bus route.

While crews mostly work during the day, they will occasionally work overnight for safety when

  • installing and removing guard rails at the edge of the roof with hand tools at the start and end of the project and
  • removing and installing new roof flashings.

The TTC has scheduled an overnight shift to install guard rails Tuesday, April 11.

The TTC is not using the traditional roofing method applying liquid asphalt from a kettle at this location. Instead, crews are using a three-ply heat application with less odour.

Crews will control dust and debris as much as possible. They’ll place a refuse container in different areas where they’re working, including near the Quebec Avenue entrance / exit, in the bus roadway, and near the Parkview Gardens entrance / exit.

Crews continue repairing the roof of the main structure at High Park Station until July 15. Starting in July, they’ll repair the at the second entrance / exit on Parkview Gardens.