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In the news - Monday, August 22, 2016

Greater Toronto area broadcast media report on public transit issues.

  • Canadian Press article (from the CityNews Toronto website), “Transit agencies informed of threat before terror suspect killed in Strathroy”, here.
  • CBC News Toronto report, “Bombardier not to blame for streetcar derailment, TTC says”, here.
  • CBC News Toronto report, “504 King is the TTC’s busiest streetcar route - but won’t get new vehicles until 2018”, here.
  • CBC News Toronto report, “2 new GO Transit trains on Milton - Toronto route starting September”, here.
  • CBC News Toronto report, “9-year-old girl found alone on TTC bus reunited with father after ‘miscommunication’”, here.
  • CBC News Toronto report, “‘Happens all the time’: TTC operator describes everyday encounters to help people in distress”, here.
  • CityNews Toronto report, “Tory takes tough stand against TTC management”, here.
  • CityNews Toronto report, “Four men jump from GO train, one injured”, here.
  • CityNews Toronto report, “Driver follows GPS onto St. Clair streetcar tracks, slams into pole”, here.
  • CP24 report, “Tory: TTC has not ‘looked under every rock’ for budget savings”, here.
  • CP24 report, “More than 40 percent of GTHA’s transit plans still unfunded: report”, here.
  • CP24 report, “Frontline TTC workers didn’t receive vigilance notice: union”, here.
  • Global News Toronto report, “Metrolinx issues warning over Presto card scam”, here.
  • Global News Toronto report, “TTC testing 1-person train operation; union says it will decrease safety”, here.
  • Global News Toronto report, “One third of bicycle tracks in downtown Toronto linked to streetcar tracks”, here.
  • Global News Toronto report, “New streetcar derails in downtown Toronto after pushing older car: TTC”, here.
  • Global News Toronto report, “Pokemon Go man reacts after being charged for walking along TTC subway tracks in video”, here.
  • Newstalk 1010 report, “TTC driver doesn’t recall seeing child board bus alone in the middle of the night”, here.