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Sixteenth new TTC streetcar
on the streets, February 19

The TTC’s newest low-floor Toronto Flexity streetcar, car number 4417, is entering service along the 510 Spadina route in time for rush hour this afternoon, Friday, February 19. The TTC now has a total of 16 new streetcars operating along the 510 Spadina and 509 Harbourfront routes.

The new streetcars feature a higher passenger capacity, air conditioning, and are fully accessible for passengers with mobility devices.

The new cars carry PRESTO fare-card readers and ticket validators to help passengers to pay their fares. The machines also allow passengers without a PRESTO card to buy a single-ride Proof-of-Payment (POP) ticket with coins or tokens. All TTC streetcar routes are POP routes, meaning passengers can board any streetcar by any door at any, if they have a POP — a POP ticket, transfer or pass.


TTC Flexity LRV #4414 heads southbound on 510 SPADINA service, approaching College Street on Thursday, January 14, 2016. Photo by James Bow.