Dupont Station upgrade project:
Work continues, mid-January

As part of TTC’s commitment to provide accessible transit, work is underway at Dupont Station to install new elevators. Work started last September on Dupont Street west of Spadina Road to relocate underground utilities.

The next phase of the project requires crews to relocate overhead utilities near the intersection of Spadina and Dupont. Crews also start working inside Dupont Station at the same time.

They’ve installed a two-level construction trailer near the subway station entrance at the northwest corner of the intersection. Hoarding safely separates the trailer from traffic. For cyclist safety, the TTC has temporarily removed bicycle parking at the northwest corner during this project.

At least one lane of traffic in each direction is available for motorists where crews are working on the overhead utilities. The work may delay, but will not otherwise affect TTC services along the 26 Dupont and 127 Davenport routes, although the TTC may temporarily relocate bus stops.

Crews will maintain access to the subway-station entrance at the northwest corner of Dupont and Spadina. They’ll generally work from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day. Occasionally they may work until 11 p.m. to complete the work as quickly as possible.

You can expect construction-related noise and vibration during this work.

Work continues until late spring when the next phase of the project starts. The next phase includes digging the elevator shafts within the City of Toronto’s right-of-way.