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"Moving Toronto" video documentary
now available from T2P0 Films

Dedicated transit buffs and railfans will be excited to learn that, after more than a year of filming, T2P0 Films has released its TTC subway crew documentary, featuring 18 TTC employees, including ten subway operators, four tower / transit controllers, a line mechanic, subway supervisor, subway instructor and the TTC’s chief executive officer, Andy Byford.

The video, Moving Toronto: Underground with the Toronto Transit Commission, appears in five parts:

  • Part 1: Getting into subways, training and misconceptions (18:56);
  • Part 2: Responsibilities of subway operators and tower controllers (26:49);
  • Part 3: Emergencies and unusual situations (10:25);
  • Part 4: Messages for the public and safety concerns (11:35); and
  • Part 5: Hobbies, interests, more messages and closing (24:22).

You can find the playlist, starting with Part 1 of the documentary, here.

T2P0 reminds readers that their film is an independent production. They are not associated with the Toronto Transit Commission or the Amalgamated Transit Union’s Local 113 in any way. Their own team selected, interviewed and filmed all featured employees. The TTC is not and will not compensate them in any way for this production. They say they produced this documentary mainly due to their own personal interest in subway operations, especially signals and transit control.

T2P0 Films also runs the Virtual TTC Academy where transit enthusiasts get together to simulate virtual Toronto subway operations in the free train simulator, OpenBVE.