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York Region approves raising fares
for YRT / Viva, starting January1, 2014

During a meeting last month, York Regional Council approved raising fares for York Region Transit and Viva services, starting Wednesday, January 1. In a news release, York Region says that “Fare changes help offset rising operating costs and support the cost of delivering service to YRT/Viva’s growing ridership.”

Council also voted to keep the cost of the senior and child monthly pass at the current rate.

York Region further explains that “YRT/Viva’s annual fare review ensures balanced costs between riders and taxpayers, and is consistent with other GTA transit systems. As a transit system servicing a large geographical area, significant transit investment is required to support growing ridership in one of Ontario’s most rapidly growing regions.”

Cash fares for passengers jumps by 25 cents starting January 1. For passengers traveling riding local buses through one fare zone, the fare will be $4 — $5 for two-zone travel. For passengers riding express buses the new cash fare will be $4.50

The cost to buy a book of 10 adult tickets goes up $3 to $33 for one-zone travel and $43 for two zones.

You can view a complete list of the current and upcoming fares here.