In the news: Thursday, August 8, 2013

Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area media report on public transit issues today.

Greater Toronto Area
  • All Fired Up in the Big Smoke post, “Missed Opportunity”, here.
  • BlogTO post, “New TTC bendy bus arrives in Toronto”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “Opinion divided on Union Station costs”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “Scarborough LRT work halted while city council seeks funds for subway”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “Streetcar in Yatim shooting will retain original serial number”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “A summer of traffic discontent in Toronto”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “Cars won’t stand still during transit debate”, here.
  • article, “Renovations of Union Station will be completed by 2016”, here.
  • column, “TOinTRANSIT: Police launch crack-down on illegal use of ebikes”, here.
  • Metro Toronto’s Ford for Toronto post, “Two City Hall stories that aren’t about Ford scandals or Scarborough transit”, here.
  • National Post article, “Metrolinx halts work on Scarborough LRT after Toronto city council vote for subway extension”, here.
  • National Post article, “GO train signalling cables severed by thieves looking for copper wire: police”, here.
  • Oshawa Express article, “The origins of the Oshawa Railway Company”, here.
  • Oshawa Express article, “The Oshawa Railway, continued”, here.
  • Oshawa Express article, “End of the Oshawa Railway Company”, here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “Metrolinx Puts Scarborough LRT Conversion on Hold”, here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “TTC Service Changes, Effective September 1, 2013”, here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “King & Spadina Intersection Construction”, here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “York Street Reconstruction (Update 7), here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “Kingston Road Reconstruction (Update 6), here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “Cherry Street Track Construction (Update 2), here.
  • Torontoist post, “Duly Quoted: Metrolinx on the Scarborough Subway vs. LRT Debate”, here.
  • Torontoist post, “Public Works: Phoning in Your Transit Fare”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Metrolinx calls a halt to Scarborough transit conversion”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “TTC takes to YouTube to explain Pape Station 12-day closure”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “TTC warns of major subway closure this weekend”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Metrolinx mega-contract too big, say builders and architects”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “TTC streetcar going back to service after Yatim shooting”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Attempted copper wire theft behind severd signal cables on GO Transit line”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Road work ramps up with PanAms in sight”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “Major subway shutdown planned for weekend”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “Scarborough LRT now officially derailed”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong says Union Station over-budget”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “Streetcar when Sammy Yatim killed to return to service”, here.
Elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

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