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Toronto Transit Commission meets, May 24

*Update — The Commission has also posted a supplementary agenda with items related to the TTC’s lease with Tobmar Investments International Inc. (better known as “Gateway”) to operate the retail newsstands and two cafes in TTC stations. You can read the supplementary agenda here.

The Toronto Transit Commission meets this Friday, May 24 at 1 p.m. in Committee Room 2, Second Floor, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

During the meeting, the commissioners will discuss staff reports recommending that they

  • consider the Toronto City Manager’s report recommending that City Council endorse certain “revenue tools” — taxes, tolls and fees — to support Metrolinx’s “Big Move” plans to expand transit in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton. You can read the report here. (.pdf)
  • approve a policy of encouraging TTC contractors to hire local young people as apprentices or develop training programs to benefit nearby communities during TTC construction project. You can read the report here. (.pdf)
  • support the City of Toronto and the Toronto Police Service in their efforts to develop more punitive traffic fines. (Heavier finds would discourage illegal motorist activities that block roadways and delay transit services.) You can read the report here. (.pdf)

The commissioners will also review:

  • the Chief Executive Officer’s report on TTC activities for March 2013. You can read the report here. (.pdf)
  • the TTC draft financial statements for 2012. You can read the report here. (.pdf)
  • a plan for introducing the new streetcars into service. (Report not yet available).
  • the TTC’s five-year corporate plan. (Report not yet available).

They’ll also consider a motion from Commissioner Heisey that the TTC endorse a plan by the Toronto Police Service to use cameras enforce traffic restrictions along the Bay Street Clearway and the King Street Streetcar-Priority Lanes. You can read the motion here. (.pdf)

You can view the agenda for the meeting here.

Toronto Transit Commission meetings are public meetings — anyone may attend. If you wish to speak to the Commission about an item on its agenda, e-mail the Co-ordinator — Secretariat Services at: before Thursday, May 23.

You can find out more about making a deputation — or presentation — to the commission here.