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Accessing Front and Bay Streets from Union Station

Due to ongoing City of Toronto, GO Transit and TTC construction in and near Union Station these days, getting around and through the station to the street is difficult and confusing.

GO is trying to make reaching the street from the station’s Great Hall a bit less perplexing by offering these guidelines for exiting the station building.

  • To walk west along Front Street West toward York Street: Exit the Front Street doors on the north side of the station and continue along Front West.
  • To walk east along Front Street West toward Bay Street: Exit the Front Street doors and walk briefly westward along Front Street West to the new mid-block crossing. This will lead you to the north side of Front West, where you can turn right and continue eastward along Front.
  • To reach Bay Street: Exit the Bay Street doors from the main GO concourse. Or, save yourself extra time by exiting GO trains at the far east end of the platform which leads directly to the Bay Street east and west teamways.

More changes to the way you enter and exit Union Station are ahead. Although GO promises to update you on access points, expect confusion for some time!