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TTC starts on-street testing of new streetcars

The TTC has starting on-street testing of its new streetcar fleet, having successfully run a test vehicle last night from the TTC’s Hillcrest facility at 1138 Bathurst Street to Bathurst Station and back.

The TTC plans to test the streetcar on Toronto streets again tonight.

The streetcar will leave the Hillcrest facility and travel south to Exhibition loop, returning to Hillcrest early tomorrow, Friday, March 15 after 2:30 a.m. when regular streetcar service along Bathurst Street and St. Clair Avenue has ended for the day.

Since the first test streetcar arrived in Toronto last fall, TTC and Bombardier engineers and staff have conducted static tests on functions such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, CCTV cameras, stop announcements, ergonomics and many other components of the vehicle.

The next phase of testing moves to Toronto streets and includes power, braking, coupling / towing, clearance, cameras, doors and more before the TTC can commission the streetcar for service, which it has scheduled for the first quarter of 2014. Testing locations and times will broaden and occur across the city over the next several months.

TTC intends for the new streetcar to serve the 510 Spadina line first. As more vehicles arrive, it will assign them to more streetcar routes. It expects to have completely deployed the new cars across the entire streetcar network by 2018. TTC staff will update the Toronto Transit Commission and member public later this spring with its deployment plan.

You can learn more about the 204 new low-floor, accessible, air-conditioned fleet of custom-designed streetcars, here.

You can view images of the new streetcar rolling along Bathurst Street last night here.