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TTC, YRT getting ready for the storm

Give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you’re going tomorrow, especially during the morning rush hour.

Local transit agencies are getting ready for a major snowfall overnight tonight, Tuesday, February 26 and early tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27.

The TTC plans to store 50 percent of its trains in tunnels overnight to prevent the snow from delaying the trains running out of the subway yards in the morning.

In open-cut areas of the rapid transit system, including the 3 Scarborough RT line, “storm trains” will apply a de-icing agent to the power rail, as trains operate back and forth along the lines to prevent snow and ice from building up.

On streetcar routes, “storm cars” operate throughout the city, crossing every switch, track and loop to prevent switches from freezing.

The TTC also reminds motorists not park cars next to snow banks, where they may block the streetcar tracks. TTC and parking enforcement staff plan to be out in force to aggressively tow vehicles if necessary. (Parked cars delayed many streetcars after the last major storm on February 8.)

Meanwhile, York Region Transit says it’s ready for the extreme weather and plans to operate extra buses throughout Wednesday.

It will extend the hours for its contact centre so that customer service representatives are available from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.