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The end of the line for Brampton Transit bus tickets:
December 31

Monday, December 31 is the last day that you can buy Brampton Transit bus tickets, although you can continue to use old tickets to pay your fare when you board a bus.

Starting New Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1, 2013, you may only use PRESTO cards to pay fare on Brampton Transit buses. You can buy the cards — or reload funds onto a card you may have already bought — at Brampton Transit terminals and facilities.

If you currently use bus tickets when you travel, Brampton Transit says you’ll end up paying less. You can load the same dollar value that you would have spent on bus tickets onto a PRESTO card and pay less per trip than before.

For example: 10 adult tickets cost $27.50. This equals a price $2.75 for each trip you take. With PRESTO, the adult price per trip is $2.65, so you save money every time you ride.

Any stores that currently sell Brampton Transit tickets will no longer do so after December 31.

You can buy a PRESTO card at any of these Brampton Transit terminals and facilities:

  • Bramalea Terminal
  • Trinity Common Terminal
  • Downtown Terminal
  • Shoppers World Terminal
  • 185 Clark Boulevard
  • 130 Sandalwood Parkway

You can also buy a card on-line at