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Drama, desire and plenty of bus:
Danish video makes public transit cool

Everyone’s talking about this video that Midttrafik, a regional transit system in Denmark, recently made to promote its services and its new buses.

The narrative is in Danish, so make sure you click on the “CC” button at the bottom of the screen to get English subtitles.

Cool, eh?

Midttraffik is the regional and local public transit agency for the Midtjylland region of central Denmark — kind of like our TTC and GO combined. Its services extend in and around the port of Århus — Denmark’s second-largest city.

While, perhaps, not quite as dramatic as the Danish video, we still think two videos promoting local services are also kind of cool and fun, too.

First, way back in June,2010, dancers Shawn Byfield and Janaye Upshaw tapped into our imagination in PRESTO’s video Tap, GO, PRESTO!, to introduce the fare-card system to Union Station.

Next, in July 2010, Brampton Transit told us “It’s all about ‘ü’” to launch its upcoming Züm bus rapid transit line and get us all to dig umlauts. (Unfortunately, this video is no longer available — darn!)

Finally, read our next post about a video from TTC workers that’s equally cool.