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YRT distributes PRESTO cards to passengers,
May 24, 25

York Region Transit / Viva representatives are visiting terminals, malls and other key destination points to distribute PRESTO cards, waive the usual card-issuing fee and provide on-the-spot PRESTO-card customer support.

At these events, YRT / Viva representatives will:

  • educate riders on how to use the PRESTO smart card;
  • show riders how to use the PRESTO website and register their card using on-site laptops;
  • help clear a negative balance and unblock PRESTO cards;
  • help add money to PRESTO e-purses (The e-purse is the total value of money that you’ve added to your PRESTO account. The PRESTO system deducts the cost of each fare from your e-purse every time you use your PRESTO card.);
  • change a card that charges adult fares to one that charges senior, student or child fares; and
  • answer general PRESTO questions

You can get your PRESTO card from 1 until 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 24 or Friday, May 25 at Finch GO Bus Terminal.

YRT / Viva staff are distributing $25 “pre-loaded” PRESTO cards, meaning that the card includes the $6 card-issuance fee and value of $19 in the “e-purse”. PRESTO will waive the $6 issuance fee for YRT / Viva passengers who buy and register their PRESTO card on the spot. Passengers who do not wish to register must pay the full card value of $25.