Metrolinx Working on Mockup of Eglinton LRT Vehicle Design


While debate rages on over whether the City of Toronto should bury Eglinton and fund a Sheppard subway (somehow) or bring it partly back to the surface and route the savings to LRTs on Sheppard East and Finch West (or some variant in between), Metrolinx and Bombardier have been working together building a very early mockup of the proposed LRT vehicle design, for possible use on the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT. This mockup, which is being built at GO Transit’s Halton Hills garage, in Milton, is a very early design mockup which likely won’t be shown to the public. The features installed here will be assessed, and changes will likely be made before the LRT reaches the prototype phase.

A number of images were snapped and submitted anonymously to us here at Transit Toronto, and we have taken the liberty of posting these on our Toronto LRT Vehicle web page here.