You can use PRESTO cards at Weston and Bloor GO Stations,
November 11

Update — November 11, 5:04 a.m.: GO won’t be activating PRESTO service at Weston GO Station this morning due to “technical glitches”. You can still use the cards at Bloor GO Station.

You can use PRESTO fare cards at Weston and Bloor GO Stations starting tomorrow, Remembrance Day, Thursday, November 11, as Weston and Bloor become the next PRESTO “agencies” at GO stations.

At a PRESTO agency, you can

  • buy a PRESTO card,
  • “load” value onto your card,
  • check your balance and
  • make various other transactions.

At Weston and Bloor GO Stations, you can use your PRESTO card to pay fares on all GO Transit trains serving the station. You can’t use the card to pay your fare on GO buses or TTC buses, streetcars or subways.

Read Transit Toronto’s June 4 post for more information about using PRESTO cards on GO trains.