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78 ways to improve the TTC

A new Chief Customer Service Officer…

Better signs…

Better maps…

Better communications between drivers and passengers…

The TTC’s Customer Service Advisory Panel today released a report recommending 78 ways to improve the TTC.

The panel has provided 78 observations and made recommendations to accompany those observations. Some recommendations are minor; some major. Some the TTC can look after right away, while others will demand much attention and take months or years for to implement. Some are inexpensive, while others will demand high levels of funding and resources.

The panel’s observations and recommendations fall into several areas:

  • how the TTC can focus more on customer service;
  • how the TTC can communicate better with customers;
  • how customers can communicate better with the TTC;
  • how the TTC can communicate better internally — among employees of the TTC;
  • how the TTC can improve how it trains and supports employees;
  • how the TTC can improve how it collects fares.

The report also highlights the fact while, undoubtedly, the prime responsibility for improving service lies with the management and employees of the TTC, passengers also have an important role. The report addresses this fact by outlining the roles and responsibilities of the TTC as a service organization and passengers themselves.

Finally, the report addresses a key problem facing any public organization wanting to change how it operates. Many of these recommendations require a lot of financial resources to set up, and that means the TTC has to start budgeting for these changes.

In a news release, the TTC says that its staff are reviewing the panel’s various recommendations and in turn will report to the Toronto Transit Commission on how it can successfully follow through on the Customer Service Advisory Panels findings.

The TTC created the panel as an independent body in March to consider areas of the TTC operations where it can improve customer service.

The recommendations are too numerous to detail in this post, but you can read the entire report here.

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