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GO trains get closer to Kitchener

Two recent news items suggest that GO Transit trains will soon be running between Toronto and Kitchener.

First, on Thursday, January 21, the Ontario Minister of the Environment approved GO’s environmental assessment report on its plans. That means that the line could go ahead as soon as funding is available. (GO started the environmental assessment process for the future line in September 2008.)

Today, Tuesday, February 24, GO announced that it is opening tenders to find a contractor to design and build a temporary “layover facility” west of the site of the future Kitchener GO Station. (The facility would allow GO to layover — store and maintain — its trains overnight. That way, it doesn’t have to run trains empty from Toronto before they start regular train service from Kitchener each morning.)

GO plans to extend its 31 Georgetown line and operate trains to and from Kitchener, probably in 2011. Trains would stop at new GO stations in downtown Kitchener, Breslau, downtown Guelph and Acton. However, the government of Ontario has not (yet) committed any funds to building and operating this line.

(As part of its long-term transit strategy, the City of Guelph hopes to relocate the main Guelph Transit terminal to a site beside the future GO station.)

GO introduced bus service from Mississauga to Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo on October 31, 2009.

You can find out more about GO’s plans to extend train service to Kitchener here.