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Some TTC riders strike against fare hikes, November 13

Note that at Transit Toronto, we just report the news. We don’t necessarily support — or not support — this group’s activities.

Some Toronto transit passengers are organizing a strike this Friday, November 13 after the TTC announced it may increase fares in January.

The riders have pledged to find a better way to work, school and home on November 13 to show Toronto City Council and the TTC what a fare hike might do to ridership.

Nicole Winchester, the strike’s organizer, says “For many riders, this proposed increase is a bitter pill to swallow. We don’t see improvements to services promised in the past and now are asked bear the burden of the shortfall, and to do so without expecting anything in return - but for the ability to continue to take the TTC - if we can still afford it.”

“If a ten-cent increase makes the system lose an average of 2 million rides, what will twenty-five cents and a full seventeen dollars to a Metropass do to the system? Other options must be considered.”

Winchester created a Facebook event late Thursday and it has already garnered more 2000 participants. Though many people intend to walk, bike, drive or take a cab on November 13, you can also find a ridesharing group for strike day on Winchester also hopes to provide printable flyers for strikers to distribute on TTC routes.

Winchester hopes the strike will lead to the formation of a transit riders’ union or user group to advocate on the behalf of Toronto’s transit ridership in the future. “At the very least,” she says, “Transit riders with grievances will know they’re not alone.”

Facebook event here

Webpage here

Twitter here

Ridesharing Group here

You can reach Nicole Winchester at 416-595-0565 (cell).