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Wyndham construction affects Guelph Transit service,
starting September 28

Update — January 10, 2010: Construction ended — for this year — on Monday, December 22 and regular transit service has resumed.

After a summer of seemingly endless street closings and bus detours, Guelphites are facing yet another. Starting Monday, September 28, the City of Guelph is closing Wyndham Street South between Farquhar Street and Wellington Street East to install watermains and sewers and rebuild the street.

Guelph Transit is detouring bus service during the project, which continues for several weeks.

The detours affect these routes: 4 York Road; 10 College / Niska.

10 College / Niska

Starting Monday, September 28, Guelph Transit no longer detours buses around construction on Norfolk Street. The detour started on Monday, June 8. (The Norfolk construction project continues to affect other Guelph Transit routes.)

Inbound buses now operate along their regular route to Gordon / Norfolk Streets and Waterloo Avenue / Wilson Street, then detour:

northward along Wilson;
eastward along Macdonell Street; and then
northward along Wyndham Street to St. George’s Square,
ending their trips.

Inbound buses continue to skip their regular stop on Norfolk Street at Macdonell Street, as they have since Monday, June 8.

Outbound buses operate along their regular route to Wyndham Street North and Macdonell Street, then detour:

westward along Macdonell Street; and then
southward along Norfolk and Gordon Streets to Wellington Street,
resuming their regular route southward along Gordon.

Outbound buses skip their regular stop on Wellington Street East, just west of Wyndham Street South.

4 York Road

Starting Monday, September 28, Inbound buses operate along their regular route to Neeve Street and Wellington Street East, then detour:

east- and northward along Wellington East; and then
westward along Macdonell Street to Wyndham Street North,
resuming their regular route northward along Wyndham North.

Inbound buses skip their regular stops on Neeve Street at Surrey Street East and on Wyndham Street South, just north of Surrey East.

Outbound buses reverse this routing.

Outbound buses skip their regular stop on Wyndham Street South at Farquhar Street.

Inbound buses operate toward downtown Guelph.

Outbound buses operate away from downtown Guelph.