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TTC replaces streetcars with buses
on upper Gerrard Street this weekend

Transit Toronto readers report that, for the second weekend in a row, the TTC has replaced streetcars with buses on Gerrard Street East between Main Street and Coxwell Avenue.

Readers report that westbound buses travel from Main Street Station along the regular 506 Carlton route to Coxwell Avenue and Gerrard Street East, then continue:

southward along Coxwell to Queen Street East,
ending their trips.

Eastbound buses start their trips at Queen Street East and Coxwell Avenue, then proceed:

eastward along Queen;
south- and westward along Eastern Avenue; and then
northward along Coxwell to Gerrard,
resuming the regular 506 Carlton streetcar route to Main Street Station.

Westbound streetcars on the 506 Carlton route start their trips at the Queen / Coxwell Loop, then proceed:

westward along Queen Street East; and then
northward along Coxwell Avenue to Gerrard Street East,
resuming their regular route westward along Gerrard.

Eastbound streetcars operate along their regular route to Gerrard Street East and Coxwell Avenue, then detour:

southward along Coxwell to the Queen - Coxwell Loop,
ending their trips.

The buses will likely also replace the 306 Carlton overnight service early tomorrow morning.

More knowledgable Transit Toronto readers also speculate that the TTC is likely replacing the overhead wires along Gerrard Street with a heavier gauge. The heavier gauge will allow the TTC to use larger streetcars using pantographs — z-shaped devices on the roofs of electric-power vehicles like streetcars that conduct electricity from the overhead to the cars’ motors. (The next generation of TTC streetcars will likely require the heavier gauge wire because they’ll require more power and they’ll also likely use pantographs instead of trolley poles to receive power.)