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Oh, Very Cool!

We are constantly impressed by the labours of love the Toronto Transit Commission brings out of its fans, but we were totally blown away by this transit map created by Ian Stevens of the blog Crazed Monkey.

It really is a state of the art feature, combining the latest Ride Guide PDF with Google Maps and Sean Lerner’s TTC Subway Rider’s Efficiency Guide. You can enter in your address and immediately be taken to that spot in Toronto for a quick, at a glance look at the routes near that location. Click on any subway station on the map, and you’ll be given the option to visit the corresponding station page at the Subway Rider Efficiency Guide website. And that’s just for starters.

Seeing what Ian Stevens can do brings to mind other things that the TTC should do to help its riders navigate the system. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine using Goggle Maps pathfinder feature, taking two locations within Toronto and finding the quickest route between them. If riders can ask the system, “I want to get to Albion Road and Humberline by 11 a.m. from College and University”, they’ll be impressed, even if they are warned to leave themselves several minutes of leeway to make up for service delays.

Congratulations Ian on doing such a good job.