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Why Not a Subway Fantasy

Crossposted to Spacing’s Wire

After this week’s rough start, why not take a moment and fantasize about a bigger, better public transit system? In a move reminiscent of NC Duong’s fantasy subway map that made the rounds of the blogs and the Globe and Mail early in 2005, Miguel Syyap has put together his own subway fantasy complete with a map that looks tasty enough to eat.

Yes, Steve Munro has convinced me that we should be pursuing LRT expansion before subway expansion, but it is still fun to fantasize about a city-wide subway network that’s as extensive as the London Underground. And Miguel’s map as the added spark of authenticity by basing his initial phases around subway extension plans that are in progress, and proposals raised for the Network 2011 plan.

(Update: 21:28): Well, given that it seems that we, Spacing’s Wire and Torontoist appear to have completely exhausted poor Miguel’s bandwidth, I’ve volunteered to host the images on the Transit Toronto website. The mirror of Miguel’s efforts can be found here.