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Moscoe Responds to Anagram Map Challenge

Earlier this week, Sean Lerner, who challenged the TTC’s legal department by reprinting the original version of RobotJohnny’s Anagram Map, received a response from TTC Chairman Howard Moscoe.

“I agree that the TTC may have over reacted to the publication of the map but it did so with honest intent. In this case the intention of the authors was to be helpful but by the same token If the TTC allows its logo to be used by anyone it has a huge potential for abuse. I, for example, would be open to charges if I used the city of Toronto logo on any of my election literature. One candidate was forced to re-print her election signs because she use the city hall symbol on her signs. I would encourage transit enthusiasts to continue their support of the TTC. Perhaps they could approach the commission to have us establish a means of granting limited permission on an application basis, although our lawyers would likely advise against it.”

Lerner still has the original anagram map up on his website.

Meanwhile, OC Transpo is considering action against another individual that put together an anagram map of the Ottawa Transitway.