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TTC Commissioners Meeting Wednesday Ponders...

Among the items on the Commissioners’ agenda at the upcoming meeting this Wednesday:

  • A progress report on the purchase of new subway equipment, including the possibility of revamping the design to three-car or six-car articulated units to help spread out the crowds inside (earlier discussed on Transit Toronto here).
  • Declaring surplus and selling off 253 old TTC buses as new ones are brought in to replace them. In the market for a classic transit vehicle? Pay attention as some might come available soon.
  • An update on the York University extension alignment, including changing the planned construction of a three-track switchback from north of Downsview station to south, so as to prevent the demolition of local businesses. The switchback is needed to open up the possibility of short-turn service between Finch and Wilson stations once the subway is extended to York University.
  • A report on the naming of stations on the York University extension. Finch West is preferred over Keele North, and Sheppard West is preferred over Park or “Parc Downsview Park”.
  • A report on improving accessibility on transit in the northwest part of the city. The report notes that, as of 2005, more than half of the TTC’s bus fleet is accessible.
  • A report on the possibility of removing the current restriction on the TTC’s Day Pass, which currently can’t be used before 9:30 a.m. Full report is here.

These reports and more are available at the TTC’s website.