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James Bow for TTC Commissioner?!

The Eye Weekly surprised the heck out of me by running an editorial suggesting that I might be worthy of sitting on the TTC Commission. The editorial follows up on Metro newspaper columnist Ed Drasscolumn describing how regular citizens used to be involved in the decision making process at the top of the transit commission, until civic politicians took over in the late 1980s. Other citizen candidates suggested by the Eye include longtime transit activist and Rocket Rider Steve Munro, Spacing Magazine’s Matt Blackett and cartographer Andrew Alfred-Duggen. The theme of the editorial seems to be that the Commission needs citizen commissioners that, unlike politicians, don’t yet know what’s impossible, so that the TTC can reach for the stars.

I’m flattered to be placed on this list, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the many other Transit Toronto contributors who have made this site what it is today, from Mark Brader to John Bromley, Ray Corley to Daniel Garcia, Aaron Adel to David Cavlovic. All of these individuals could sit comfortably in a commissioner’s chair (save for the late Ray Corley, may he rest in peace) and these guys would have the advantage of being local, rather than a commuter from Kitchener, Ontario.

Spacing Magazine was featured twice in this week’s Eye. Its famous subway station button collection is cited as a neat possible gift this holiday season.