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Variety Village bus stop deal 'brokered'

by Don Peat
City Hall Bureau

There could be good news for Variety Village at Wednesday’s TTC meeting.

TTC chairman Karen Stintz said negotiations between TTC chief general manager Gary Webster and Variety Village CEO John Willson seem to have brokered a “conclusion” to the issue.

But the TTC was tight-lipped about the details of what “conclusion” has been reached.

TTC spokesman Brad Ross said he wouldn’t want to reveal something before it has gone to the commission.

“We’ve worked out something that we think is a solution,” he added.

Last month, Sun columnist Mike Strobel called on the TTC to put a bus stop in front of the Scarborough facility for disabled children. He noted the bus stop at the rear of the building, on Danforth Ave. near Birchmount Rd., requires a trek up a “menace” of a path that “is muddy and strewn with rocks and concrete.”

In a Nov. 21 letter to Willson, Webster stated the TTC changes established routes “only if a proposed new routing would provide a benefit to a larger number of customers than the disbenefit (sic) it imposes on other customers.”

But Webster added the TTC would analyze the impact of changing the 69 Warden South bus route from its regular route on Birchmount Rd. to loop around to Birchmount Park Collegiate and Variety Village.

Local councillor Gary Crawford said last week he would be making a deputation to the TTC asking for a bus stop.

“I’m looking at trying to get this done yesterday,” Crawford said last Friday. “I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this.”