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Selley: Ford's first flip-flop?

by Chris Selley

Rob Ford on Thursday, in conversation with the National Post:

RF: I said we’re going to build subways, and we are going to build subways. And that’s it.

NP: But at the end of the day, it seems a lot of people are saying that Council will have to vote on that.

RF: No, that’s true. You’re absolutely right. … As Mayor, I have to deliver on what the majority of people want. They want subways.

NP: So you’re counting on Councillors to hear that as well.

RF: Absolutely.

And five days later…

Mayor Rob Ford suggested on Tuesday morning that he does not need council support to kill Transit City

“As you know, there was never a vote on council for Transit City. And if there was, I would like to see that. We never voted on Transit City,” said Mayor Ford following his first meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty at Queen’s Park. “We’re going to work with the province to implement our subway plan. Our subway plan is to go underground. That’s what I campaigned on, that’s what the people want.”

And there you have it. For now.