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Sick transit, Gloria

On Tuesday, rumours leaked that Mayor Rob Ford would try to halt work on the TTC’s Transit City LRT building plans. Then the Premier weighed in, hinting he wouldn’t fund any transit program except Transit City. Pretty soon, Transit City was a trending topic in the Toronto Twittersphere.

NPHallMonitor (The National Post)
Mayor Ford’s first stop: Hit brakes on Transit City

heyitstva (Todd Van Allen)
Hope he takes the #TTC. It’ll take forever.

If Rob Ford gets his way, then Toronto deserves the gridlock it’s going to get for the next 30 years.

Everybody stop linking to that National Post Transit City story. It’s ruining my morning in a major way.

anthsmith (Anthony Smith)
So to be clear: Ford is willing to halt Transit City, waste $140 million, and neglect transit in the suburbs, the people that voted for him.

Here comes the part where Ford’s fantasy transit plan and budget starts unravelling.

kjrose (Kelly John Rose)
While not commenting the merit of Ford’s decision wrt Transit City, I must remind his opponents of the sunk costs fallacy.

Man, Toronto, what happened? You used to be cool.

Transit City to be replaced with auto-friendly Greater Regional Area Vehicle Endowment & Expansion convoys on roads, aka GRAVEE trains.

brundle_fly (Alistair J Morton)
well at least with cancelling transit city, the Hamilton LRT will get bumped up on the priority list.

So should I eBay my Save Transit City badge now, or tomorrow?

omg. Just figured out why Rob Ford wants to stop Transit City: he thinks the gravy train is a REAL TRAIN!