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New TTC headquarters to be reviewed

by Don Peat

Newly named TTC chairman Karen Stintz says she will review the TTC’s bid to move to new digs.

Councillors on the outgoing TTC approved a move from their owned Davisville headquarters to a yet-to-be constructed building at 4050 Yonge St. — at Wilson Ave., just south of Hwy. 401 — which they would lease from Build Toronto.

Build Toronto officials — who still have to meet with Ford this week — told the Sun’s Rob Granatstein that the TTC has signed an offer to lease the building based on three conditions, including planning approval and financing.

Although the building does have 20,000 square feet for a TTC museum on the ground floor, Build Toronto officials said the deal makes the museum contingent on some-hard-to-meet conditions. It has to be self-funded and based on a charity operating model.

But Stintz — whose appointment still has to be approved by council — said the move will be reviewed.

“As the ward councillor, I was involved in the planning merits of the application, I haven’t yet seen the business side to it,” she said. “All of that will be under review as well.

“There is an expense and there is a question, is that the kind of expense that we want to have right now? But those are all things again that need to be reviewed,” she said.

During the election, failed mayoral candidate George Smitherman repeatedly attacked the TTC’s plan to build a “gleaming new headquarters.”

Former TTC chairman Adam Giambrone defended the move at the time saying leasing the $250-million building would save the TTC from making $30 million-$40 million in upgrades and fire safety improvements at its Davisville building.