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Selley: Baby, you can drive the TTC's car

By Chris Selley

How badly does Toronto need the Transit City light rail lines? The TTC won’t even subject some of its employees to the bus!

Among the requirements for a Transit City “community liaison” job position currently posted on the TTC website are a “strong customer service orientation”; “familiar[ity] with the principles, methods, practices and terminology associated with engineering and heavy construction activities, including an understanding of design and construction drawings”; various computer skills; and, ahem, “a valid Province of Ontario Class ‘G’ driver’s license.”

It’s not exactly a vote of confidence in itself.

It’s “not that they can’t take transit, or wouldn’t be encouraged to take transit,” says TTC spokesman Brad Ross. But, he explains, time constraints, travel to and from late-night duties and the need to cart around bulky promotional materials to community events explain the job requirement.

This makes sense. Nobody expects everyone associated with the TTC to take transit everywhere, all the time — although it’d sure be nice to have them there to yell at when things go wrong. But the job requirements seem awfully specific. Is lacking a licence a good enough reason to rule out a candidate who’s otherwise supremely qualified to liaise with the community?

Adam Giambrone spent $2,427.70 on taxis in 2009. Perhaps this community liaison could take one once in a while, when the existing TTC can’t get the job done.