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Smitherman will vow to expand subway, LRTs

But tolls aren’t included in platform plank to be unveiled Friday

By David Rider
Urban Affairs Bureau Chief

Mayoral candidate George Smitherman will unveil on Friday his own 10-year transportation plan that includes subway and LRT expansion and no road tolls, the Star has learned.

The plan will be touted as a “truly integrated transportation plan” for public transit users, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

The first half of “Get Toronto Moving Again,” lasting from the Oct. 25 election until 2015, would involve an “active phase of transit expansion,” of both the subway system and light rail transit.

Smitherman will present the plan as moving “beyond Transit City” — the plan approved by the provincial Metrolinx agency to put light rail lines along Sheppard, Eglinton and Finch Aves., and to rebuild the Scarborough LRT line.

But road tolls on the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway will not be part of the former deputy premier’s funding formula.

At least part of the money would come from public-private partnerships, legal agreements between government and private enterprise to build infrastructure. As Ontario health minister, Smitherman oversaw so-called P3s to build hospitals.