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Editorial: Shoulder good to GO

Commuters riding GO Transit buses could soon be breezing past snarled motorists on the Don Valley Parkway, south of Highway 401, if special “bus bypass lanes” win approval at city hall. The idea has been discussed for more than six years and its implementation is long overdue. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a cheaper, simpler and more practical way to promote the use of public transit.

Before the city’s public works and infrastructure committee Tuesday is a proposal to convert the DVP’s shoulder lanes between Lawrence Ave. and the 401 into traffic lanes exclusively for GO Transit vehicles. Buses could then handily circumvent the gridlock at this notorious traffic bottleneck.

With about 160 GO buses using the DVP on an average work day, this is a worthy proposal. The plan carries the additional advantage of requiring little more than signage and a paint job to implement, since the paved shoulder is already wide enough to handle bus traffic. And it wouldn’t reduce the existing carrying capacity of the DVP for cars.

This is a win/win proposal that deserves approval from the committee Tuesday and the support of council next month, with an eye to having the new lanes in place as early as September.