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Miller won't support revised Metrolinx plan

Letter to Premier surprises provincial officials
after only two days of talks

By Sarah Boesveld

Toronto Mayor David Miller has surprised provincial officials with his latest salvo on Transit City, which came in the midst of discussions about how to salvage the plan.

The provincial agency Metrolinx and TTC management had been in talks for only two days when the mayor sent a strongly worded letter to Dalton McGuinty on Wednesday in which he refused to accept the revised Metrolinx plan that TTC managers and Metrolinx president and chief executive officer Rob Prichard discussed on May 3.

The Metrolinx plan to build five transit lines in 10 years is unacceptable, he wrote, and he fears the stretched time frame will mean the transit plan won’t be completed.

He said he wants to go back to the original Transit City plan to build four lines in eight years. That plan, he wrote, was supported by the TTC and Metrolinx boards. The first five years of cash flow proposed by Metrolinx won’t get the job done in 10 years, he wrote, and could result in partial lines and inadequate service, and would cost more over all since the city would have to buy buses and other infrastructure to fill the gap.

“All lines must be built as originally planned and scheduled,” he wrote. “Otherwise, the most vulnerable people and neighbourhoods will bear the greatest impact.”

A chart comparing the two plans, provided by Mr. Miller’s office, shows the revised transit plan cuts Transit City lines by 22.5 km and 25 stops from what was originally proposed.