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Miller turns to TTC public address system
to get riders on board with funding push

Mayor using subway public announcement system to encourage riders
to pressure province to restore rapid transit funding

By Kelly Grant

Mayor David Miller is using the TTC’s public announcement system to encourage riders to pressure the premier to restore $4-billion in postponed funding for rapid transit in the city.

The 30-second spot, which began airing at 6 a.m. Thursday, will be broadcast every 10 minutes in subway stations across the city for the next four days.

“This is Mayor David Miller,” the spot begins. “Thanks for choosing the TTC. Transit City is our plan to get Toronto moving by bringing reliable rapid transit to all parts of the city and to improve your transit experience. The provincial government is proposing to cut promised funding for Transit City in half, putting the entire plan at risk. Call Premier McGuinty and your MPP today and urge them to restore funding and save Transit City.”

On Monday, Mr. Miller’s entreaty moves into rotation with regular messages about buying metropasses, refraining from smoking and staying back from the yellow line. Until then, his message will be the only announcement broadcast on the TTC unless there’s an emergency.