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Seeking 'democratization,' TTC hands Yorkdale subway station to the people

Posted: February 18, 2010, 7:15 AM by Rob Roberts

By Matthew Coutts, National Post

The fate of Toronto’s subway stations would be put into the hands of those who use them, if a pilot project approved yesterday gains traction.

TTC commissioners approved a “station democratizations” project that will place control of the Yorkdale subway station into the hands of a board of directors made up of the site’s frequent users.

Councillor Howard Moscoe, who proposed the plan, says it addresses the disconnect growing between riders and the transit system.

“People will be proud of their stations again. The people will talk ownership of the system because it will be theirs,” he said.

Under the pilot project, planned to launch in June, a board made up of local residents, students and people who work in the area will be responsible for Yorkdale’s portion of the TTC budget and will decide how to spend the money, within certain parameters.

Mr. Moscoe says if they prioritize cleaning, they can spend more on cleaning staff. If public art is a priority, they can direct their budget in that direction.

“It is about ownership. Right now, it is a station operated by somebody else. It will become a station operated by them.”