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Students may get break on TTC fare hikes

Published On Tue Nov 17 2009

The Toronto Transit Commission is moving to soften the blow of proposed fare hikes.

While the student Metropass rate is slated to rise to $104 a month from $91.25, TTC chair Adam Giambrone wants to extend the rate to college and university students. Currently, it only covers high school students.

City councillors on the TTC meet Tuesday to decide on 2010 fares.

Giambrone said a discount would hopefully entice more post-secondary students to take transit.

He also wants to lower the proposed increase on the adult Metropass. It’s currently $109 a month and slated to go to $126, but Giambrone wants that changed to $121.

“It’s obviously a very large raise to the Metropass,” he said. “I think myself and many other commissioners are concerned that that’s hitting our most loyal passengers, the Metropass holders.”

While giving a break to some, the TTC is closing the door on a bargain. The yearly Metropass, if renewed Dec. 1 at the old rate of $100 a month, would appear to offer huge savings because the program guarantees the price for 12 months.

But the TTC plans to stipulate that anyone renewing after Wednesday will pay the new rate of $116 a month.