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Projected Costs of New Stations Rising


From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail
Last updated on Wednesday, Sep. 23, 2009 03:28AM EDT

The projected costs of two new stations on the extended Toronto-York Spadina subway line have increased a total of $72-million because of engineering complications from a high water table, rising construction costs and Toronto’s green standards for new buildings.

The Toronto Transit Commission said a plan to integrate the Sheppard West stop with GO Transit has also driven up the price tag of that station, which is expected to feature a green roof with swept curves and airplane-like wing flaps to evoke the aeronautical history of nearby Downsview Park.

The cost of Sheppard West has nearly doubled to $102-million from an original estimate of $59.2-million. York University station is expected to cost $115-million, up from $86-million.

The TTC said it has found $12-million in project savings to offset the hike and is negotiating with GO Transit to foot part of the bill for Sheppard. The commission promises value-engineering studies to find other savings, but adds it will rely on budget contingencies if the project remains over budget.

The TTC will consider preferred concepts for the two stations at a meeting Thursday. The commission will also seek public input on the designs.

“This is the first public viewing of these concepts,” said Andy Bertolo, chief project manager of the $2.6-billion, six-station Toronto-York-Spadina subway extension.

Sheppard West is notable for its swept, low-lying design - limited height is a requirement because of Downsview Airport - and the fact the station will be integrated with a new GO Transit station on the Barrie line.

“It’s an airport area, so it gives you an impression of being a wing, or a kite, or a leaf. I’ve heard all sorts of things,” said Mr. Bertolo.

GO passengers will be able to exit their platform and walk down the stairs into the TTC station within 10 seconds, he said. “Not even Union Station downtown is that integrated.”

The York University station features a swooping roof that links two entrance pavilions and a “lightwell” on the Harry W. Arthurs Common.