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TTC unveils new counterfeit measures for passes


Charlene Close and 680News staff Toronto
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 5:03 pm

Toronto - Starting in July, the TTC will be adding new security features on its Metropasses, as well as the weekly and GTA weekly passes.

The extra features will cost the TTC $250,000 a year.

Since January 2009, both the TTC and police have seized more than 2,500 counterfeit passes and have laid more than 500 charges.

The TTC estimates that lost revenue would exceed $2-million this year if the changes to the passes were not made.

TTC chairman Adam Giambrone told reporters at a news conference that the new Metropass will carry a custom designed hologram that is unique to the transit commission.

There will also be a sticker affixed to passes that must be removed before use, such as the sticker on a new credit or debit card.

“So this will have two benefits, it will allow us to know when in fact the pass is being used…as well, this new hologram will allow us to ensure that the operator makes a visual check…the new swipe technology actually prevents any fraudalent Metropasses from being used,” Giambrone said.

The TTC, which moves 1.5 million riders every weekday, eventually wants to move to the smart card system, but Giambrone said that is still three to four years away.

The TTC added new security features to its Metro, weekly and GTA weekly passes (Photo by: Charlene Close)