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Riders get TTC's trouble online

Last Updated: 15th January 2009, 4:14am

The TTC is finally getting on board with the technological revolution.

E-Alerts that will inform riders by e-mail of major subway and Scarborough RT disruptions were introduced yesterday by the transit agency.

“Other transit systems around the world have been doing this, but other transit systems around the world don’t have the kinds of funding issues that we’ve had over the years,” TTC spokesman Brad Ross said.

According to Ross, the free subscriber service will alert by e-mail “significant” delays — those which are “generally anything more than 15 minutes or when shuttle buses will be required.”

Bus and streetcar route e-Alerts are in the works , as is a cellphone text message e-Alert service. All are expected later this year or early in 2010, Ross added.

“There’s a whole host of things we’ll be doing down the road, this is just the first step.”

The e-Alert service that came into effect yesterday mirrors online and platform-screen alerts that were implemented in the fall of 2007.

Still to come, Ross said, is a web-based trip planning application expected to be ready this summer, which would give TTC users a way to plan trips using routing information and walking distances.

Transit riders can subscribe to the free service by visiting the TTC website