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TTC launches 'e-alerts' for riders

Jan 14, 2009 11:00 AM

A new TTC service will now let riders know when the train or the SRT is going to be delayed or closed.

Starting today, riders can subscribe to the TTC’s e-alerts to receive an email telling them whether they should walk rather than run to the next subway station.

The TTC is already working to expand the alerts to its bus and streetcar system and to deliver the alerts via text message. Eventually riders will be able to receive messages customized to their own routes, stations and preferred travel times.

The e-alerts are the latest in a wave of information services being rolled out by the TTC to help riders better plan their trips.

In December, the TTC launched subway and streetcar platform signs that give riders real-time information on the arrival of the next vehicle. Those signs will continue to be rolled out at transit shelters and stations across the city. Later this year, the TTC plans to launch an on-line trip planner and on-line sales of Metropasses.

TTC chair Adam Giambrone says the information will help riders better plan whether they want to delay their trip, take another route or opt for a cab.

Riders can subscribe to e-alerts immediately at