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$100M more to keep TTC wheels turning


It will cost about $100 million more to keep the wheels on the TTC going ‘round and ‘round next year.

TTC chairman Adam Giambrone said the cost of operating the transit agency will likely jump to more than $1 billion next year thanks, in part, to rising fuel costs and increased service levels.

“We have costs in and around $100 million new next year,” Giambrone said. “Part of that is fuel, part of it is labour costs.” The TTC gets its operating cash from provincial and city contributions as well as the fare box and Giambrone is not ruling out a fare increase for beleaguered riders.

“We’re just beginning the budget process,” he said. “Provincial subsidies will have to be taken into consideration, what the city has for us and then what is left over will have to come from a fare increase.”

The operating budget for this year is about $953 million — almost a $62 million bump over 2007.

A significant portion of next year’s increase will be a roughly $32-million hike in diesel prices.

The TTC is locked in through the end of this year at 87.5 cents a litre to fuel the buses, totalling about $65 million and the current estimate will likely see that jump to $97 million.