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Looking to GO past Oshawa


The ride in to Union Station from Bowmanville could get a bit shorter if a GO Transit expansion plan gets the green light.

Yesterday, the board of the transit agency approved a feasibility study to look into expanding service eastward beyond Oshawa station.

“We’ll be consulting with the public extensively,” said Bob Boyle from GO Transit. “Initially, we’d start with service during the peak period only and grow it from there.”


Although ridership numbers for Bowmanville were not available, buses run about every 15 minutes out of the Oshawa GO train station during the rush hour periods.

“Our buses go pretty fast along that stretch right now but where people will save their time is transferring between the trains and buses,” Boyle said.

A 1994 study looked into extending the line north of the 401 and adding two more stops in Oshawa. The new study will update that report, as well as looking into continuing south of the 401 onwards to Bowmanville.

“Parking demands at our Oshawa lot are exceeding capacity and we’ve already expanded the lot three times,” said Boyle.


East is not the only direction GO Transit is looking at for expansion. The agency also hopes to eventually extend service to Uxbridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and the Niagara Region.

But not everyone at the meeting was all gung-ho for expanding GO rail line service. Patricia Eales is the Oakville commuter behind a petition that gathered more than 11,000 signatures earlier this year after numerous transit delays and cancellations.

“It’s like how a business gets too big for itself too quickly and ends up bankrupt,” she said.