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Station at Brimley not justified, TTC commissioners told

Scarborough councillor frustrated by staff report

March 31, 2008 03:56 PM

The possibility of one day building a Brimley Road station on a rebuilt Scarborough Rapid Transit line will be on the table at April’s TTC meeting.

But commission staff warned TTC commissioners Wednesday, March 26 that putting up the station just 700 metres west of the Scarborough Centre stop wouldn’t likely be justifiable.

“I should note that there’s been a lot of conflicting demands for precious funding,” said TTC planning manager Mitch Stambler, who pointed out the proximity to the well-used Scarborough Centre station at the Scarborough Civic Centre suggests the money be spent elsewhere.

The commission voted to wait a month and let staff report on the matter.

Commissioner Glenn De Baeremaeker, who represents Ward 38 (Scarborough Centre) on Toronto Council and who brought the motion forward to consider the new station at Brimley, was unimpressed.

He used a 2004 consultant’s report indicating that development along Brimley Road would provide plenty of ridership. But Stambler said the numbers in that study were likely in error.

“You can understand my frustration when we’re told in Scarborough, you ain’t getting a subway and then the station we were promised 20 years ago isn’t on the table and then we point to a staff report, staff say those numbers are wrong,” said De Baeremaeker, referring to Scarborough Community Council’s decision two years ago to stop lobbying for a subway to replace the aging SRT.

“You understand the frustration that what we’re getting in Scarborough is the rump of everything,” he added.