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TTC turning to green power


December 4, 2007

The TTC hopes to buy 25 per cent of its electricity from green sources by 2012, according to its environmental plan, to be debated at a meeting tomorrow.

The Toronto Transit Commission, whose $45-million power bill is second only to the water department’s, says it plans to work with Toronto Hydro to get a quarter of its power from green sources, such as wind or solar, by 2012. The added cost could be up to $2.6-million, the TTC says.

The overall plan, drawn up as the transit commission’s contribution to Mayor David Miller’s greenhouse-gas reduction targets, contains no overall cost estimate, but will run in the millions.

It also calls for green retrofits at TTC stations and for a policy of “green procurement” that would scrutinize all TTC purchases for environmental problems. The TTC is already committed to buying, with federal and provincial funding, hybrid diesel-electric buses, which cost $750,000, compared to a $500,000 conventional bus.

“Ultimately we hope to set an example for other large companies in the city, and also to begin to reduce the environmental footprint of operations,” TTC chairman Adam Giambrone told reporters yesterday.