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Broadview station work is finally nearing an end

Jul 30, 2007 04:30 AM
Jack Lakey
Staff Reporter

When, oh when, will the construction end at the Broadview TTC station?

It’s seems like Broadview station has been under construction for so long it’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t besieged with heavy equipment and guys in hard hats.

With streetcars, buses and subways all converging at a station that’s shoe-horned into a small area on Broadview Ave., just north of Danforth Ave., the inconvenience to commuters caused by the never-ending work is magnified by the close confines.

We’ve been getting complaints about it for three years, including a recent email from a reader who said it’s been more than four years since the disruption began.

Area residents are also impatient over the construction equipment and trailers that have commandeered a small parkette just north of the station since the job began.

We tracked down Sylvano Florindi, the Toronto Transit Commission’s manager of construction, to find out exactly when the work started, and if it will ever finish.

The work, which includes a new streetcar platform and pull-in areas for buses, as well as new elevators and a second exit from the subway platform, is needed to reduce traffic congestion around the station, Florindi said.

TTC officials proposed closing the station for 18 months to complete all the work, “but that didn’t go over too well,” he said, so the projects “had to be done piecemeal,” which takes a lot longer.

Work first began in late 2002 - nearly five years ago - on a second streetcar platform, which required a small part of the parkette to make room for it, he said, adding that the TTC will “make the parkette much nicer than it was,” in exchange.

In 2003, construction began on the first of two additional bus bays; the first was completed in 2005 while the second was finished this spring.

At the start of 2006, installation work on two new elevators between the subway platforms and upper levels was completed, while work began on a second exit from the subway level, which is ongoing.

Unless there are unforeseen hitches, Florindi says the station work will be done by the end of the year.

The parkette will also be opened, though it may be next spring before all the promised improvements are done.